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Facing criminal charges?

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, you must receive professional legal advice as soon as possible. Getting the right help will ensure that your interests are protected and you will be properly represented.

We can represent you in all criminal and traffic matters, ADVOs, assault charges and drug related matters in Court.

Criminal and traffic offences can have significant an often dire consequences on many aspects of your livelihood. At Burbank & Brown our lawyers will advise you on your legal options, strategise the most suitable course of action, and present your case to achieve the best possible outcome.

How our criminal defence lawyers help

As one of the largest law firms in the Shoalhaven and on the South Coast, we’ve built a solid reputation by achieving the best outcomes for clients. In the matter of criminal law in Nowra, our Shoalhaven Criminal Lawyers will help you with:

  1. Criminal law offence and traffic offences;
  2. Domestic violence, including apprehended violence orders;
  3. Property & theft matters;
  4. Sexual offences and assault;
  5. Drug offences;
  6. Representing you in court, including Nowra Court.

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If you require representation or advice in a criminal law matter, don’t delay — book a consultation with our expert team today. We’ve helped many clients achieve satisfactory outcomes and offer fixed fee initial consultations. We look forward to assisting you.

Criminal matters we can help with

Affray occurs where you use or threaten to use unlawful violence towards another person. These acts of violence or threats of violence must be serious enough to cause an ordinary person to fear for their personal safety.

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Assault can range from non-physical contact with the intention to cause about the requisite fear of immediate and unlawful violence or physical contact with the use of unlawful physical force.

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An AVO will affect your capacity to keep in touch with your loved ones or certain other people in your life as it a court made order against you to restrict contact. It seeks to protect a ‘person in need of protection’ (PINOP ), from violence, harassment, intimidation or stalking.

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If you are arrested police will take you back to the police station and may charge you. Once you are charged, police will need to decide whether to release you or not.

Police can let you go and hand you a court attendance notice notifying you of your next court date. Alternatively, they can give you bail or refuse to give you bail.

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It is an offence to break enter and steal in NSW, which is a ‘serious indictable offence’. A serious indictable offence is any offence that carries a goal term of at least 5 years imprisonment.
You can be charged with this offence if you break (no need to be an actual breaking) and entered into a house or premises and commit a serious indictable offence while inside such as seriously assaulting someone or stealing.

You will still be charged with a break and enter, even if you enter by an unlocked but closed window, gate or door.

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Destroying or damaging property charges can potentially lead to a criminal conviction, affecting your career, reputation and travel.
The prosecution must prove that you intentionally or recklessly damaged the property, and that the property in question belonged to another person.  

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Having the right lawyer for your drink driving matter can make a big difference to the outcome of your case.

We have experience in drink driving matters with a record of obtaining exceptional results.

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If your license is suspended or disqualified whether it be due to a simple speeding offence, exceeding demerit points or part of a sentence for a driving whilst under the influence offence. It is a criminal offence to drive pursuant to section 54 of the Road transport Act 2013.

The offence can have serious implications on your work, family and day to day life.

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If you are charged with larceny, also known as stealing, the prosecution must prove the essential elements of the offence to justify a conviction. Larceny is an offence under Section 117 of the Crimes Act 1900.

If you are convicted of larceny it can result in a criminal record affecting your career and prospects of travel.

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Losing your drivers licence can be stressful and take away your daily freedom and place a heavy burden on your friends and family. It may affect your ability to work and earn an income or your ability to travel, causing serious further implications for the period that you have lost your licence.

You can appeal against a Transport for NSW (TfNSW) suspension if you are a provisional or learner licence holder for exceeding your demerit points. If you hold a full licence and exceed 13 demerit points or more, you will be suspended and you cannot appeal this suspension. However, you may apply for a good behaviour licence.

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In NSW there are a broad range of sexual offences, varying from minor offences to serious sexual assault cases. 

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Criminal law services FAQs

A criminal lawyer represents clients in the area of criminal law. It is their job to build a defence case and strategy, research and investigate case law and legislation, negotiate with the prosecution team, and ultimately represent their client in court. An important role of criminal lawyers is to analyse police evidence and prevent any form of unreliable evidence from being used in the prosecution case.

If you are arrested or called to attend a police station for questioning, you have the right to obtain legal advice before answering any questions — you can request a lawyer attend the police station to assist you in this instance. You should receive legal advice before agreeing to an interview.

While it is possible to represent yourself in court, it is usually advisable that you hire a professional lawyer to represent you. Along with a good understanding of court processes, a lawyer experienced in the area of law you are dealing with will have a much greater chance of obtaining a favourable outcome for your case.

As highly specialised legal advocates, barristers may charge an hourly rate of $250 to $1000 plus GST, with this rate being increased for a full day in court. However, as with the cost of lawyers, the cost of barristers can vary greatly.


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