Challenging a Child Support Agreement

If you would like to challenge your assessed child support liability and you think there are special circumstances that need to be taken into account, Burbank & Brown can assist you with the following kinds of applications to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

  • Applications seeking urgent maintenance while waiting for an administrative assessment of child support
  • Where paternity is in dispute, an Application can be made for a declaration as to parentage for child support purposes and Applications for recovery of child support previously paid as a result of mistaken paternity;
  • Applications for leave to seek a backdated departure for a period over 18 months up to seven years;
  • Departure Applications from an Administrative Assessment where:
    • The Child Support Registrar has refused to determine the departure application because the issues are too complex;
    • There is another Application pending before the court and special circumstances exist to enable the court to determine both Applications;
    • The paying parent seeks to reduce a minimum administrative assessment.
    • Applications to vary or discharge a Child Support Agreement;
    • Applications in respect to lump sum and non-periodic child support;
    • Applications for an order suspending the operation of the Child Support Assessment Act (Cth) 1989 until finalisation of objections, reviews or court findings.

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